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Константин Гроусс
Konstantin Grouss

– artist, curator, choreographer

Director of International сulture project "Art-Residence" and 

«ZERO Dance Gallery».

Curator -



The founder and leader of International cultural project "Art-Residence" since 2009, under which produced more than 15 projects based on the integration of different areas of art.

In 2012 he created the artistic space of Art Residence on Povarskaya str, 20, Moscow, where in the frame of the Random gallery were created more than 30 art exhibitions and many parallel events.

Curator of the gallery-workshop "Skolkovo" and "Varshavka" of "State United exhibition halls of Moscow" (2014-2015).


The personal professional focus - the creation of a common platform for equitable representation of different types of art under a common concept.

Specialisation - visual art, dance / performance art, music, media art. Projects also include discussion and educational programs, public- and street art and extreme sports, architecture.




Idea creator and founder of several contemporary art festivals –



"Accelerator of New Moscow", 2015 Festival of techno-art, the conference "City. Art. Intellect".

The conference will provide a platform for discussion of a modern city with a high level of scientific and creative potential, discuss the main trends and opportunities for the development of cities, tools and ways of attracting public attention to fundamental research in the field of science and art.


Gallery Workshop "Skolkovo" and "Varshavka" State United exhibition halls  of Moscow" (2014-2015). During the year were reformatted according to the latest trends in the cultural policy of the Moscow Department of Culture and transformed into an open space that exists as a place of interaction between artists, working in different genres of contemporary art. The social programs of this public galleries were transformed and new programs of development created.


«Quest for silence”, June-September 2014 - Art-residence workshop. October 2014 - the exhibition.

Multimedia exhibition-performance, and 4-month summer artistic residence in “povARt" space.

Each work tells about one of the most important concepts in the artistic process - silence.


«Kod Epohi / Zeitgeist», festival. Contemporary Art, music, dance, science

Contemporary art, music, dance in the world of ideas and objects. Within the framework of the international project created more than 30 art objects, a series of music and dance performances.  Published a series of scientific articles and interviews with leading Russian scientists in the field of philosophy, sociology and art.


«Art-Ovrag», festival of public art and architecture,  street art and extreme sport. Vyksa , Russia.

International festival, annually invited more than 100 leading artists of different areas of art - sculpture, media art, street art, installation, performance, music, dance. Two of the festival took place in 2011 and 2012. For the 3-rd festival in 2013 artists and architects from Russia, USA, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland and England came to create their projects in the public space. The festival is held a competition among professional architects. The competition was attended by more than 600 architects from 30 countries. In 2013 the festival created and provided Public-art Award for professional artists from around the world.


«no translations», contemporary art, music, dance

The festival presents common base for the diversity of the languages ​​of art in the form of an exhibition of visual art and media art objects, a series of dance performances and music concerts taking place during 5 days. Most of art objects and performances created for festival in the most vivid way represent actual language of contemporary art. The festival was held twice in 2010 and 2011.


"", contemporary art, music, dance

During 4 experimental festivals were covered a variety of topics in which artists of various genres can interact.


"Architecture-body-dance", Contemporary art, music, dance

International project, stimulating the creation of art objects, based on the common principles of art and architecture and the structure of the human body.


«Where viewable», exhibition. Contemporary art, street art.

The project which push contemporary artists and street artists to the direct contact with the architecture of the space.


«Room Room Room»Festival. Contemporary dance and performance, 5 special project of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

The festival created very spacial concept for the leading Russian artists of modern dance to the interactive dialogue with the audience in chamber space.



Artist -


Works in contemporary dance, video and sculpture. Sphere of interest is in interfering of choreography field principles with visual art. Creates his artworks by involving musicians, artists and choreographers from various techniques.

Graduated from Dance and Art school and the Technical University. Studied at the "Class of expressive dance" by Gennady Abramov, Moscow.Fellow of danceWeb program in dance and choreography, 2004, Vienna. Participant of ICR (International Choreographers In Residence) program of American Dance Festival ADF, USA, 2007. Participant of SPACE Programme in contemporary art provided by Performance Corporation (Dublin, Ireland), 2008.

Resident OMI International Dance Collective, NY, USA, 2011.Worked with different choreographers and theatre directors: Shusaku Takeuchi (Netherlands), Yury Urnov, Valery Fokin, Tatyana Grindenko, Kirill Serebryannikov (Russia), Theodor Tezhik (Russia-Czech), Efva Lilja (Sweden), Maida Withers (USA). 


Personal artistic works -


“Absolute synchronous”, sculpture, performance, video, Horizontal project, Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Guslitsa art project, 2015


“Inappropriate texts”, performance, video, Marina Tsvetaeva museum, Moscow 2015


“Memory quality”, video, photo, Quest for Silence” project, Moscow 2014


«EASY-COME-EASY-GO<at>BODY<dot>MOVE», interactive dance composition, GARAGE museum, Moscow, 2014


«INFO<at>BODY<dot>move», interactive dance composition, Kod Epohi art festival, Moscow, 2013


"around the heart in 40 min", contemporary dance performanceat - 3 festival at Art-Residence, Moscow, 2012 


"Constellations and finger-prints", Dance performance

Music - Urmas Sisask, No Translations #2 festival, Moscow 2011


“A little geometric progression”,  contemporary dance performance for 1 artist, 2 dancers, 4 synthesizers, festival, Moscow 2010


“Notes”,  contemporary dance performance for 3 dancers, No Translations festival, Moscow 2010


“Curcular Ruins”, dance and music performance for 4 dancers and signer, Art-Residence project, Moscow, 2009


“Cage for Air”, choreographic drama for 3 dancers, piano solo and voice, Theatre of musical comedy, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2008


“Phases of the Moon”, dance performance for 4 dancers and painter, Aktoviy Zal, Moscow, 2008


“The 21st floor”, dance video film, 7 min, 2007


“Between Earth and Sky”, 7 min. solo, Aktoviy Zal, Moscow, 2007


“Mask for body”, dance performance for 4 dancers, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, December, 2006


“Bacchanalia in the Garden of Stones”, the performance for 3 dansers and piano on John Cage music, in collaboration with pianist Alexei Lubimov, 2006


“Philosophy of the walls”, dance piece for 5 dancers, State Theatre of Nations, Moscow, 2005


“Intuition of form”, dance performance for 4 dancers, June, 2003


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