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Idea of the project

Art residence is intended to become a place for artists of different genres of contemporary art, designers and scientists to meet for discussion, ideas exchange, art, experimentation existing at the turn of different genres, and for search of a link connecting them. Art residence will be functioning as an open, permanently active platform which viability will be supported by possibility to run creative laboratories, demonstration of work results to the broad audience and holding educational programs.

Project description

The project consists of four laboratories: Music - Dance (theatre) – Visual art – Cinematography, creatively independent but united by mutual lines of work, one time period for theme elaboration, located under the same roof and willing to present the work results conjointly. The project is not meant to mix the genres. The results of the work of the independent laboratories should be offered to the public in a way which allows a work of one genre to be perceived and comprehended by public through another genre.

Project goal

– Encouragement of creativity of young and non-profit artists (musicians, choreographers, media artists, directors).

– Stimulation of research activity in the field of contemporary art, search for new ways of development of contemporary art: topical and essential for the young and progressive part of the society. 

– Presentation of the artists’ work results achieved within the framework of the project.

– Engineering production of new ways of presentation and

demonstration of contemporary art, showing all its versatility and multi genre nature, create an alternative to the traditional theatres and galleries of contemporary art that are present in Russia today. 


Art director of the project – Konstantin Grouss.

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