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Studio 6

ZERO Dance Gallery
Zero Dance Gallery

Contemporary dance and art

The space of Studio 6 on 20 Povarskaya street has been created in 2012 by strength and funds of Art Residence project.

The space of Studio 6 works as a territory of free artistic discussion. 

Residents of the Studio are:

Art Residence International Culture Project Festival Center running the festivals listed on page Events

Random Gallery which presented more than 20 individual and group exhibitions of young artists.

Guslitsa International Cultural and Educational Center developing country residence for artists, in many respects based on the principles of self-regulation.

ZERO Dance Gallery, an art project in the field of contemporary choreography and performance.

Random Gallery
Random gallery

The gallery works with young foreign authors specializing in generative art and new media.

ZERO Dance Gallery, Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art, Konstantinn Grouss
Zero Dance Gallery

Originally established as a laboratory of contemporary dance Theatre ZERO, the project develops its activity as a union of artists of different genres – contemporary dance, visual art, music.

Творческая усадьба ​«Гуслица»

Guslitsa International and Cultural Center

International Cultural and Educational Center acting on a basis of historical building of former manufacture of 19th century in the nearest Moscow suburbs.


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