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Андрей Андрианов
Alexandra Konnikova

- dancer, choreographer, teacher, curator,

one of founders of “Po.V.S.Tanze” Dance Company.

room room room
room room room



1991 - Graduated from The State Music Academy as a music theatre actress.

1992-1994 - Attended “Classes of Expressive Body Movement” of Gennady Abramov  ( Anatoli Vasiliev’s Theatre “School of Drama Art” in Moscow).

Since 1995 - has been taking part in master-classes of contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and contact improvisation taught by different teachers and choreographers of Europe, USA and Canada, such as D. Zambrano, K. Simpson, S. Valtz, M. Gerge, F. Poelstra, V. Montero, J. Langedaik, A. Furukava, A. Harvud, F. Milward, F. Walkner   and others.


Choreographic works

Has been taking part in the creation of all pieces made by “Po.V.S.Tanze” Dance Company.   1999 – 2013 “Po.V.S.Tanze” have been presented there works in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, USA and Israel.  Last productions: «Shum Zo», «Anticipation/Aftertaste/Song» (2013), Sitcom Performance «…» (2012). (

2006 – « White Donkey colored dreams» - the dance piece for children and parents, in collaboration with Albert Albert, Moscow Theater of Nations;

«Past continuous», in collaboration with Albert Albert and «Dialogue-Dance» Company  ( «Dialogue-Dance» Company production  in Kostroma).

2005 – «Fifth season», in collaboration with Albert Albert, for «Joka Jok» Dance Company in Nairobi, Kenya. ( The project «Dance Traffic» , Russia – USA – East Africa).

2004 – «Ibo Bo», in collaboration with Albert Albert for «Graffiti» Dance Company, Yaroslavl.


Solo projects

2013 – «Travel Diary»

2011 –« Dance living in me»

2007 – «Capibara» – was created in frame of Taras Burnashev project «7 solos».

2002 – «Little birds deaf», «Fatima».


International projects

2009 – «Russian seasons» – new Russian drama in American theater, she made choreography for the piece «Tanya-Tanya» in collaboration with Albert Albert  (director – Yuri Urnov, Towson University, Theatre Departement).

2008 – International meeting “Kedja” in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2006 – “Dialogue”, the exchange project in the frame of “Springdance” festival, Utrecht, Holland.

2004 – Moderator and participant in “Two way traffic” research project (Moscow-New-York).  


Works in Drama Theater

2012-2013 – participated as actress and choreographer in few experimental projects in collaboration with director Nastya Patlay in the frame of “Theatre Almanac” project in Meyerhold Center in Moscow.

2008 – Made the choreography for the musical piece “Konyok-Gorbunyok” in collaboration with Albert Albert   (Moscow Art Theater, director – Evgueni Pisarev).

2006-2007 – Participated as actress in the project of Philipp Grigoryan “New Year”.

2005 – Performed the character of Yvonne in the piece “King of sins and Quinn of fears” (Moscow Theater of Nations, director – Yuri Urnov).

2004 – Made choreography for the piece “Imitating a victim” in collaboration with Albert Albert   (Moscow Art Theater, director – E. Pisarev).

2001 – Made choreography for the piece “Antigonne” in collaboration with Albert Albert  (Moscow Pushkin Theater, director – Vladimir Ageev);

2001-2004 – Performed the character of “Girl in red” in the piece “Plasticine” (Center of dramaturgy of Roschin and Kazantsev, director – Kirill Serebryannikov).


Initiated projects

2013 – Became one of the initiators and curators of “ROOM ROOM ROOM” – the Festival of inrooms performance and dance on Povarskaya Street (Organizer – International Culture Project “Art-Residence”).

2008 – “Open movement Lab” and the education program “Movement awareness Lab”.

2007-2009  –  Initiator and curator of “Professional meetings”. The project was supported by TSEKH and was developing as regular meeting-discussion between Russian choreographers working in the field of contemporary dance.

2007 – “Speak-такль” (speak-performance), curator – Andrei Andrianov. The project was developed as the serial of lecture-demonstration about history and practice of improvisation performance, was presented on “Aktoviy Zal” stage in Moscow.

2002, 2004 – Festival of improvisation and performance “Perfest” supported by TSEKH in Moscow.


Teaching experience

2000-2012 – Teaches dance techniques and Labs in TSEKH Summer Dance School.

Since 2000 – Gives work-shops in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Kirov, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, Archangelsk, Kiev, Riga and Tel-Aviv.

2008-2011 – One of teachers of the education program “Movement Awareness Lab”.

2009 – Teaches dance technique and composition - on the Dance Department, improvisation and performance – on Theatre Department in Towson University (USA).

2006 – Summer School in SEAD (Salzburg, Austria).

2001 – Improvisation work-shop in Rotterdam Dance Academie.


Other projects

2003-2004 – Participated as dancer in the project “Birds Eye View” of “Do Theater” (Russia-Germany). The piece was performed in Edinburg and other European festivals.   

1998-2001 – Participated as dancer in the project “Na Zemle”, choreographer Sasha Walz.

Since 1995 – Participated in many collaborations projects of other choreographers, performers, musicians, media artists, directors, designers.

1992-1999 – Participated in the creation and performing of several productions of the “Class of Expressive Body Movement” of Gennady Abramov.

room room room
ROOM ROOM ROOM, Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art, Konstantinn Grouss
September, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25


Festival of room performance and dance on Povarskaya street

5 московская биеннале современного искусства, 5th moscow biennale of contemporary art, ROOM ROOM ROOM, Арт-Резиденция, Art-Residence, Константинн Гроусс, Konstantinn Grouss
Special project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

International Culture Project «Art-Residence»


Alexandra Konnikova, Konstantin Grouss

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