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Konstantin Grouss
Konstantin Grouss

– choreographer, artist, curator.

Director of International сulture project "Art-Residence" and 

«ZERO Dance Gallery».

room room room

Works in few different techniques of contemporary dance and theater. Creates his artistic works in videoart and new media. Sphere of interest is in interfering of choreography field principles with visual art. Creates his artworks by involving partners of various art directions.

Fellow of danceWeb program in dance and choreography (Vienna, Austria, 2004). 

Participant of ICR  program of American Dance Festival ADF ( USA, 2007). 

Participant of SPACE Programme in contemporary art (Dublin, Ireland, 2008).

Resident OMI International Dance Collective (NY, USA, 2011).

Worked with different choreographers and theatre directors: Shusaku Takeuchi (Netherlands), Yury Urnov, Valery Fokin, Tatyana Grindenko, Kirill Serebryannikov (Russia), Efva Lilja (Sweden), Maida Withers (USA). 

Idea creator and curator of several contemporary art festivals –

«Kod Epohi / Zeitgeist», «Art-Ovrag», «No translations»,"","Architecture-Body-Dance".

room room room
room room room
ROOM ROOM ROOM, Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art, Konstantinn Grouss
September, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25


Festival of room performance and dance on Povarskaya street

5 московская биеннале современного искусства, 5th moscow biennale of contemporary art, ROOM ROOM ROOM, Арт-Резиденция, Art-Residence, Константинн Гроусс, Konstantinn Grouss
Special project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

International Culture Project «Art-Residence»

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