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Art-Ovrag, Арт-Овраг, Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art, Konstantinn Grouss
"Art-Ovrag 2013. Garden-City"
31 may - 02 june 2013

Visual arts, architecture, dance, music, extreme sports

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В рамках этого экспериментального проекта проведены 4 фестиваля, посвященных возможным способам взаимодействия художников, имеющих различную художественную платформу и принадлежащим к разным жанрам искусства.

International Culture Project «Art-Residence»


Konstantin Grouss, Dmitry Alexeev

About the Festival
Art-Ovarg 2013
Art-Ovarg 2013

Festival “Art-Ovrag” had a successful start in 2011. Since then it is known as one of the most famous region events. Nowadays Festival has came on a new level and promises to be a remarkable event in cultural life of Russia.


For 2 years Festival is transforming the town in the unique art playground. It has 2 points: on the one hand, this art playground is turning into exhibition of famous artists, on the other – it is a catalyst of the creative potential of people living in Vyksa. The Festival merges a lot of directions in contemporary art: architecture, visual art, dance, music, fashion and the newest tendencies in youth subculture.


Mission of the Festival is an organization of new city surrounding and creation of public space that can inspire people to create. The Festival was created as the ground of constructive fusion of 2 art process – epoque of russian avant-garde of the beginning of XX century and contemporary art of the beginning of XXI century. The choice of Vyksa (the town with the one of the biggest ironworks in Russia) as the host of the Festival isn’t accidental. The town is a treasury, filled with unique monuments of the industrial heritage and technical art. V.G. Shukhov, talented russian engineer and architect, was working here in his lifetime.


Every year the participants are offered the special theme which they should develop. Every theme merges the ideas of previous festivals: Street Art in 2011, Tower in 2012. Now the theme is Garden City.

Art-Ovarg 2013

“We are building the Festival as a living organism, that has a possibility of transformation of its own structure and the power to change the space around. We are interested to offer the theme that manages direction of moving and creates a flood of ideas, which can develop in ideal space for life. We think about ideal space as the organic combination of the surroundings and people, who create this space. Our main emphasis is on educational and artistic components of festival program. This is a base where we can create the Garden City.


We’re seeing a garden as an open space with the amount of conditional centers with a possibility of the creative self-reproduction. Transformation of surroundings has a creative impact on the nature and it is the way of harmonical dialogue which language is created with the participants of the Festival. We’re attracting architects, artists, choreographers, musicians with the purpose. We want to create the new perfect city as the result of the lexical diversity of the participators”.

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