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Код Эпохи, Kod Epohi (Zeitgeist), Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art, Konstantinn Grous
Kod epohi (Zeitgeist)
14-24 March, 2013


Contemporary art, music, dance in the world of ideas and objects


Konstantin Grouss, Co- curator Dmitry Alexeev



International Culture Project «Art-Residence»

The festival presents foremost artists of our times, composers, choreographers and scientists in the framework of general project – exhibition of contemporary art, series of concerts, performances, interview and thematic scientific articles, forming artistic and scientific discussion about key codes and themes of our epoch.

In the framework of the International project more than 30 art objects have been created, a series of music and dance concerts has been held, a series of scientific articles and interviews with the leading Russian scientists in philosophy, sociology and art critics fields has been produced and published.

Kod Epohi
Kod Epohi
Kod Epohi

The festival presents the diversity of contemporary art languages.

Program of the project is comprised of several directions:

         •        Museum collection

         •        Visual arts

         •        Music

         •        Dance

         •        Analytical platform – scientific discussion in the framework of the festival


The goal of the participants of the festival is to determine the main characteristics of time, its features and tendencies. The contemporary art exhibition, music and dance performances, as well as round tables with scientists will mark the parallels between art and science, and formulate the psychological landscape of the epoch.


The phenomena of interaction of the present with elements of past times, presented in the exposition, will create an original timeless environment. This environment will combine in natural way the most recent works of contemporary authors with amazing objects from the Museum storage.


The leading Russian scientists – philosophers, historians, sociologists and culturologists – will help to understand the complex interaction of times, as well as formulate a viewpoint on the notion of Zeitgeist. In the format of short precise interviews and a series of thematic articles they will formulate the analytical framework of the topic.


The festival will try to reveal the ideas laid in the objects of Museum exposition, out of time and space context, as well as develop the mechanisms of creation of the new environment by connection of principles of contemporary and traditional art.

Visual arts program

Alexander Ponomarev / Mike Hentz, Berlin / Paolo Bottarelli, Berlin / Riccardo Murelli, Rome / Nina Vitanova-Wlakhova, Berlin / Eve Bailey, New York / Mayuko Ogava, Tokyo / Alena Ivanova-Johanson / Vladimir Nasedkin / Tatiana Badanina / Dmitry Alexeev – Alexey Ivanov / Alexander Lysov / Dima Hunzelweg/ Recycle group / Roman Mokrov / Olga Zovskaya / Protey Temen / Alina Glazoun / Katya Reisher / Kristine Alksne, Berlin / Masha Obukhova / Taus Makhacheva / Egor Kraft / Dima Filippov / Alexey Buldakov / Dmitry Morozov, ::vtol:: project / Arseniy Zhilyaev / 



Art institutes:


Institute of contemporary art (ICA, Moscow), program curator – Nadezhda Busheneva, artist


Participants: Natalia Zintsova, Nadezhda Busheneva, Alexander Povzner


Rodchenko multimedia art school, program curator – Kirill Preobrazhensky, artist


Participants: Ira Tsykhanskaya, Nik Degtyarev, Viktoria Marchenkova, Anna Pokarzhevskaya, Andrey Golovin, Ilya Korobkov, Alina Kleytman.


MARCH architecture school, program curator – Evgeniy Asse, architect


Participants: Julia Andreichenko, Julia Arnautova, Natalia Bakaeva, Evgenia Bakeeva, Daniel Barenboym, Veronika Barinova-Malaya, Anastasia Weinberg, Ivan Grekov, Daria Grudinkina, Maxim Zuev, Maria Kartseva, Alexandra Kovaleva, Anna Kozlova, Alla Komarova, Snezhana Kopeikina, Egor Korolev, Anastasia Kotenko, Anton Kravchenko, Tatiana Levchenko, Anastasia Levschanova, Denis Makarenko, Daniil Makarov, Alina Morozova, Anna Mosenkova, Innokentiy Padalko, Valeria Samovich, Daria Sannikova, Andrey Sviridov, Mikhail Sergeyev, Alexey Sirotkin, Artem Slizunov, Alisa Starobina, Dmitry Stolbovoy, Maria Tyulkanova, Antonina Khlyzova, Anna Schevchenko, Alexandra Eminova

Dance program

Andrey Andriyanov / Valentin Tszin / Konstantin Grouss (ZERO Dance Gallery) / Boroditsky Dennis Dance Company BDDC / Yuko Kaseki, Berlin


Working with human body as the main artistic medium, the medium capable of transferring the meaning and information through energy, through flow of images which have precise dimensions not only in space, but also in time. Space of representation is organised as a direct dialogue between choreographer - artist, and a person from audience, which is watching from the sidelines.

Music program

Soloists of Studio for New Music (SNM) /

Valentin Azarenkov, clarinet /

Marina Volkova, flute /

Vladimir Ivanov, piano /

Anna Kondrashina, flute /

Elizaveta Miller, piano /

Mark Pekarsky percussion ensemble /

«INTRADA» vocal ensemble

Scientific program

Oleg Aronson / Arseniy Khitrov / Ilya Afanasiev / Ivan Boldyrev / Viktor Wachstein / Andrey Velikanov / Irina Gluschenko / Gasan Guseinov / Ilya Inishev / Boris Kagarlitsky / Kirill Martynov / Ilya Matveev / Mikhail Mayatsky / Alla Mitrophanova / Georgy Nikich / Elena Petrovskaya / Valery Podoroga / Kety Chukhrov / Elena Shklyarik / Viktor Misiano

Program of video interviews

In this part of the scientific program, the scientists were asked to answer three questions:


1. Who, why and with what consequences draws borders of epochs / generations / present / past?


2. Do we want to be modern? Yes / no - why?  


3. What is your view on properties of contemporaneity, its features? Where are the limits of contemporaneity? Are we now in the beginning / middle / end of the age?


Their reflections on these questions were provided by:


         Elena Petrovskaya, PhD, chief editor of "Blue Sofa" magazine

         Viktor Misiano, contemporary art curator and critic, the editor of "Moscow Art Magazine"

         Georgy Nikich, curator

         Ilya Inishev, PhD, assosiate professor of the cultural sciences of Higher School of Economics

        Oleg Aronson, Ph.D., senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of the Andrei Belyi prize for the book "The communicative image"

       Boris Kagarlitsky, director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSM)

         Kirill Martynov, philosopher, teacher at the Higher School of Economics

       Victor Wachstein, PhD in Sociology, Chair of theoretical sociology and epistemology in the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, a specialist in the sociology of everyday life and social theory


The second part of the scientific program of the festival is presented by a series of articles on “Kod epohi "Zeitgeist":


         "The epoch of codes". Ilya Inishev, PhD, associate professor of the cultural sciences at the Higher School of Economics

        "Signs and ghosts of time" (Contemporary art and abstract capitalism). Oleg Aronson, Ph.D., senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences, winner of the Andrei Belyi prize for the book "The communicative image"

       «Permanent present, or The end of the world as the only possible project of the future». Ilya Afanasiev, historian, postgraduate of the Oxford university.       

         "Code of timelessness". Boris Kagarlitsky, director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSM).

         «OLVIDO». Irina Glushchenko, philologist, historian of culture, associate professor at Higher School of Economics.

         "Touching and quote". Ivan Boldyrev, philosopher.

         "A person who has had too much contemporaneity". Kirill Martynov, philosopher, teacher at Higher School of Economics.

         "Decoding the age". Andrey Velikanov, artist, philosopher, teacher of the course "Philosophy of Art", Associate Professor at Department of Cultural Studies of Philosophy Department at Higher School of Economics.

         «Zeitgeist». Ilya Matveev, a graduate student of Philosophy Department at Moscow State University, activist of the Russian socialist movement, participant of "Collective of researchers of politicization", member of the organizing committee of the Free Union of university teachers "University solidarity".

         "Code of the epoch: from phenomena to models, and from models to a symptom". Alla Mitrofanova, cultural studies, independent researcher, curator of Philosophy Cafe (St. Petersburg).

         "End of epoch". Mikhail Mayatsky, Professor of Cultural Studies Faculty of Philosophy at Higher School of Economics, Ph.D., author of the books: "Secondly" (Moscow: Pragmatics of Culture, 2002), "Resort Europe" (Moscow: Ad Marginem, 2009), "Debate about Plato "(Moscow: printing house of HSE, 2012).

         "Code of the epoch: Disappearance" (anthropological aspects). Valery Podoroga, Ph.D., professor, one of the leading scientists of the Institute of Philosophy, of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


The third part of the scientific discussion is the Round Table on the topic "Code of the epoch. Is a transcript possible?" that will be held on March 16 at 15.00.

Moderator of the round table - Gasan Guseynov, philologist


Invited to participate:


         Valerian Anashvili,

         Valery Podoroga

         Kirill Martynov

         Alla Mitrofanova

         Elena Petrovskaya

         Kety Chukhrov

About the organizer

International Culture Project «Art-Residence» is a space, uniting several directions of art:

         •        Visual art

         •        Music

         •        Dance


In the framework of the International Culture Project «Art-Residence», artists, choreographs, musicians of different directions from Russia and other countries are able to meet each other, share their experiences, work together and present joint ideas, which exist on the intersection of different genres of art.


Our objective is to collide concepts of the artists who belong to the same genre as well as to different genres of art, and to identify their unifying link.

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