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В Зоне Видимости, Where Viewable, Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art
24 october - 24 november

The exhibition of contemporary and street art

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Cultural Centre «Moscvich»

International Culture Project «Art-Residence»

The exhibition "WHERE VIEWABLE" presents six artists, who is working in different techniques and directions – beyond a united semantic field, often even in the perpendicular planes. Everyone has a certain relation to the geometry of the space and is able to transform it.


Where Viewable
Where Viewable
Where Viewable
Lecture program

On November, 2-3 within the framework of the exhibition IN THE VISIBILITY ZONE the lecture program will be held: the project participants will speak about their artistic path and bring up the problems exciting them at the moment, involving audience in the dialogue on matters of contemporary art, street art and graffiti. 


November, 2

Moskvich Cultural Center, room 115


14:00 – lecture of Viktoria Marchenkova

“Comprehend Chinese Sensuality – you are to live with it”


China as a country of present and future attract that much attention that the problem designated in the title of the lecture has already become obvious. To solve it is to provide a soft bed and bright future for ourselves. Artist Viktoria Marchenkova will speak about her path in artistic diplomacy and search for sacred Chinese sensuality.


16:00 – Dima Filippov. Meeting with the artist.


Dima Filippov is a young talented artist from Altai Krai (Gornyak town). He has graduated Altai State Academy of Culture and Arts (city of Barnaul), after that having moved to Moscow he has followed the courses in the Institute of Contemporary Art. Dima will speak about his artistic path and share secrets concerning art. 


November, 2

Moskvich Cultural Center, fireplace room


14:00 – lecture of Alexander Lysov “Art and Technology”


As for me the artistic process is a research that is always connected to the trial and error method, so it is more interesting to analyze their consequences than to create something perfect. The research lies in the area of new technologies, their social effect and possible visual interpretation. Using the latest technologies for creating art also puts the authorship problem in the research area. Unlike the completely handmade art and by virtue of fair self-sufficiency of technology not merely “human” but more likely some kind of “human+technology” complex comes to be an author. 


16:00 – lecture of ZukClub “Monumental painting”



Discussion program

“Art and the audience” , November, 3, 18:00


Program will be held in the context of “Night of Arts” (www.ночьискусств.рф). Among the participants are representatives of art institutions (program directors, curators, gallerists) and artists of different movements.


Main theses:


  • Is the artist ready to form his audience by himself? Gallery and street  experience.

  • Principles of planning for art policy. How do cultural institutions interact with their audience today? What role does contemporary art get in these relations? 

  • Artist that forms the audience of exhibition centers.

  • Cultural centers – between state institution and the artist. What are they ready to offer young artists and what do they demand in return?


Discussion participants:


  • Tatiana Lukyanova, Moskvich Cultural Center deputy program director.

  • Konstantin Grouss, curator and art director of Art Residence International Culture Project.

  • Olga Pautova, curator, art manager.

  • Anton Yakhontov, composer, performer, media artist.

  • Oleg Makarov, actor, performer, media artist.

  • Alexandra Konnikova, actress, dancer, performer.

  • Alina Gutkina, artist, works with painting, video, installation, graffiti.

  • Alexander Lysov, media artist, participant of the project.

  • Viktoria Marchenkova, media artist, participant of the project.

  • Dima Filippov, artist, participant of the project.

  • ZukClub (Sergey Ovseykin, Artyom Stefanov, Kirill Stefanov), street art group, participants of the project.


Об организаторе

Международный культурный проект «Арт-Резиденция» – это пространство, объединяющее несколько направлений искусства:

         •        Визуальное искусство

         •        Музыка

         •        Танец

В рамках Международного культурного проекта «Арт-Резиденция» художники, хореографы, музыканты различных направлений из России и других стран могут встречаться, обмениваться опытом, вместе работать и представлять совместные идеи, существующие на пересечении разных жанров искусства.

Наша задача - столкновение концепций художников, принадлежащих как к одному жанру, так и к разным, обозначение объединяющего их звена.

Where Viewable

The exhibition draws attention to the way of the space constructing by the artist, to the relationship of each work not only with the interior, but also with the exterior. This creates a reflection of the urban landscape in the exhibition. The unifying architectural space of the Moskvich Cultural Center provides an opportunity to play with internal and external perspective.


Street-art and contemporary art, displaying in the exhibition space, in this project interact with each other at the level of the material, scale and idea. Selected directions have their own specific angle of view, finally limiting the field of vision, which has an inner circle and a distant prospect. The title of the exhibition - "WHERE VIEWABLE" - raises the question what locates in our field of view, what is its structure and properties, which nodal points make it an unified space.


We are focused on making visible the common elements in artists’ working with composition. While the differences acquire a maximum contrast.



Cultural Centre «Moscvich» (Volgogradskiy prospekt 46/15)

About the organizer
Where Viewable

International Culture Project «Art-Residence» is a space, uniting several directions of art:

         •        Visual art

         •        Music

         •        Dance


In the framework of the International Culture Project «Art-Residence», artists, choreographs, musicians of different directions from Russia and other countries are able to meet each other, share their experiences, work together and present joint ideas, which exist on the intersection of different genres of art.

Our objective is to collide concepts of the artists who belong to the same genre as well as to different genres of art, and to identify their unifying link.

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