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Архитектура-Тело-Танец, Architecture Body Dance, Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art
24-27 June, 2010

Contemproray art, music, dance

В рамках этого экспериментального проекта проведены 4 фестиваля, посвященных возможным способам взаимодействия художников, имеющих различную художественную платформу и принадлежащим к разным жанрам искусства.

International Culture Project «Art-Residence»


Konstantin Grouss, Nina Vitanova-Vlahova

International project stimulating creation of art objects, based on the common principles of architecture and art, grounded on the structure of human body.
Participants: Visual art

Nina Vitanova-Vlakhova (Berlin)

AES+F - Tatiana Arzamosova, Lev Evzovitch, Evgeny Svyatsky + Vladimir Fridkes

Konstantin Grouss (Moscow)


“Grozdya Vinogradovy”,

Fyodor Amirov,

German Vinogradov – “Pendulum”,

The NET,

Ensemble of children musical instruments

Dance, performance

Boroditskiy Dennis Dance Company BDDC


ZERO Dance Gallery – Konstantin Grouss, Lika Shevchenko, Tatyana Fateeva, Natalia Palshina, Sergey Provotorov, Nina Vitanova-Vlahova

Special project ArtExhibit

Artak Oganyan

Alexander Lysov

Evgeniya Kuznetsova

Vage Melkonyan

Grayr Baze Khacheryan


Architecture-Body-Dance – is the new project of Art-Residence, dedicated to the theme of plastic transformations. One of the main principles of Art-Residence project is to compare different art genres in one space in one time period.  The project has no intention to mix genres, but allows to see and understand ideas which are laid inside each work of art, view them from a specific territory.


Architecture as a constructive reflection of a human body and as frozen music. Dance as a form, extended in time. The body as music in motion. 


The different parts of our body project different energy fields. Caught up in the architecture, they are transformed into buildings with various spatial and rhythmic expressions. The most interesting are those that grasp the form in a state of mental agitation. Then they become an extension of our thoughts, our dance steps and create new music.

About the organizer

International Culture Project «Art-Residence» is a space, uniting several directions of art:

         •        Visual art

         •        Music

         •        Dance


In the framework of the International Culture Project «Art-Residence», artists, choreographs, musicians of different directions from Russia and other countries are able to meet each other, share their experiences, work together and present joint ideas, which exist on the intersection of different genres of art.

Our objective is to collide concepts of the artists who belong to the same genre as well as to different genres of art, and to identify their unifying link.

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