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No Translations, Арт-Резиденция, современное искусство, визуальное искусство, музыка, современный танец, паблик арт, Константин Гроусс / Art-Residence - contemporary art, visual art, music, contemporary dance, Public art, Konstantinn Grouss
«Everyday heroism»
26 – 30 October 2011

Comtemprorary  art, music, dance

В рамках этого экспериментального проекта проведены 4 фестиваля, посвященных возможным способам взаимодействия художников, имеющих различную художественную платформу и принадлежащим к разным жанрам искусства.

International Culture Project «Art-Residence»


Konstantin Grouss, Timofey Сaraffa-Сorbut, Fyodor Amirov

The festival represents diversity of languages of art. The form of representation – visual and media art objects exhibition, series of dance performances and music concerts taking place during 5 days. All the art objects and shows most pronouncedly presenting the language of actual art are being created especially for the festival. The festival has been held twice, in 2010 and 2011. The next one is planned happen in 2014. 
No Translations
No Translations
Visual art

Arseny Jiliaev / Dmitry Alekseev / Andrey Bartenev / Dmitry Parkhunov / Sasha Frolova / Vlad Kul’kov / Eugenia Kuznetsova / Taus Makhacheva / Dmitry Nikitin / Irina Korina / Dmitry Teselkin / Timofey Caraffa-Korbut / Ustina Yakovleva / Alexander Lysov / Andrey Kuz'kin / Olga Kroytor / Egor Koshelev / Kirill Chelushkin / Alexander Povzner / Andrey Timofeev / Ivan Shabanov / Konstantin Malakhov / Stain and vtol / Ilya Korobkov / Marina Chernikova / SoundArtist / Yan Kalnberzin

Dance, performance, media

Monstah Black (New York) / DanseVideoAction (DVA) (St. Petersburg) - Anastasia Kadruleva, Artem Ignatiev, Konstantin Matulevsky /

BDDC - Boroditski Dennis Dance Company / Po.VSTanze Dance Company / Alexander Rudick / Daria Buzovkina / Alterum theatre (Daboogiecrew) / Konstantin Grouss, ZERO Dance Gallery - Mischa Khoom


Fedor Amirov (piano, electronics) / Dmitry Cheglakov (multimedia) / Iraida Yusupova / Anton Ponomarev (sax), Alexsey Chichilin (acoustic guitar), Ivan Nevzorov (clarinet) / Oleg Makarov - Patrick K.H. (electronics) / Tanatotantra (progressive rock) ByZero (Jazz – rock-avant-garde) / Vladimir Ivanov (piano)

No Translations
No Translations

Communication nowadays is the principle way to get into the sphere of public interests and deep-seated life fundamentals of an artist have been long ago forgotten in striving for the “fame”. This problem has been eroding brains for so long that the necessity arose to analyze the process itself and the best way to analyze, is to clash things and concepts which could not be concurred.    

Thereby we would like to suggest a theme of language contacts, not only in linguistic context, but to explore language of arts and their interaction which could give a chance to delve  deeper into our existence.


In “ … “ – no translations Project we are interested in art linguistics, complexities of translation from one language to another, intersections and parallels. And also everyday heroism of their creators. In other words:  


“Harmonious sounding of languages of art once have been overcome by avant-garde casted doubt on centuries-old apologetics of synthesis, affirmed poetics of dialogue, coexistence of plural artistic intuitions as a new form of interaction. Since then interspecific isolation has been growing intense while norms of speech have been consolidating even more intimate circle of names. Today’s culture space is an extreme point of that isolation: the number of languages in it corresponds to the number of authors. Individual lexicon that denies all the other ways of expression becomes a measure of success. And the brighter this lexicon is, the more semantic density bears the author’s gesture, the harder is the way to learn it. Strategies of autonomy make artist to permanently fight for obstacle building and overcoming – that everyday heroism on the border-line of hermeticism and communication.


Viewer’s orientation on that territory is no more a subject of a sensual game but an unsolvable intellectual puzzle generating random numbers. Summarizing of chaotic signals does not render the whole, in a row of texts the sense of art space itself is getting lost. Unraveling those codes is only possible with deliberate collision of species, genres, objects and conceptions existing in different planes, destroying sterility of existence by forced crossing. Taking away operational limits and modeling the situation of a dialogue inside the society the project reconstructs the broad culture field, drawing in its scopes the artist and the viewer, outlining the ways of communication between them. In that discording forum of messages the keys for catching and unraveling of individual codes through their polyphonic union are being crystallized” Tatyana Malova.

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