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Within the framework of this experimental project 4 festivals dedicated to possible ways of interaction between artists with different artistic platforms and of diverse art genres have been held.

В рамках этого экспериментального проекта проведены 4 фестиваля, посвященных возможным способам взаимодействия художников, имеющих различную художественную платформу и принадлежащим к разным жанрам искусства.

International Culture Project «Art-Residence»


Konstantin Grouss, Timofey Сaraffa-Сorbut, Fyodor Amirov

estension art
estension art

The project is a field of free experimentation. Designation of channels for free conversion of creative ideas between architecture, academic and street art has been set as an aim for the project. The idea of the project is to exceed the limits of traditional treatment of artistic process. We invited artists, musicians and choreographers that are capable to create in the scales of the city, its open surfaces and empty spaces to participate in the project. Becoming a part of public open space works of art engage in continuous dialogue with both space itself and the audience.  In the chamber space of Povarskaya the reflection of these ideas and continuous creative process gets the chance for conversion from one genre to another, erasing distinction between music, dance and visual art.


Within the project we are interested to see the result of different languages of art passing over existing limits and interaction within the adjacent techniques arisen. Forward to the future and back to the origins, which by virtue of the circular development of the world are the same. 


……..The contours of the form limit objects; we cannot and we do not want to be in the set frameworks: frameworks of our bodies, state borders and social foundations. A man can extend his notion of the object using imagination, logics or laws of nature defying rational comprehension. The necessity to extend, develop, prolong moves people forward or per contra stops them, letting them overpass any distance by the power of imagination right on the spot. Steps left on the traversed path may lead us back to the starting point. There is no need to overpass actual distances as the traces left in music notes, paint on canvas and walls, prints of bodies in space broaden accessible limits and send us to the origins, to what was before the signs, where was no contours and forms……..

About the organizer
estension art

International Culture Project «Art-Residence» is a space, uniting several directions of art:

         •        Visual art

         •        Music

         •        Dance


In the framework of the International Culture Project «Art-Residence», artists, choreographs, musicians of different directions from Russia and other countries are able to meet each other, share their experiences, work together and present joint ideas, which exist on the intersection of different genres of art.

Our objective is to collide concepts of the artists who belong to the same genre as well as to different genres of art, and to identify their unifying link.

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